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Erasmus Universitair Medish Centrum Rotterdam

Department of Internal Medicine,
Genetic Laboratory
Dr. Moelwaterplein 50
3000 DR, Rotterdam
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Team Leader

Dr. Joyce van Meurs

Principal Investigator
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Institute Presentation

Erasmus MC (EMC), with its roots in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, a world-famous city and international port, is an internationally leading academic hospital. Erasmus MC staff, volunteers and students work with passion and dedication to achieve safe, first-rate healthcare for patients with complex disorders, rare conditions, or acute needs. Erasmus MC is recognized as a world-class scientific research organization aiming to improve our understanding of diseases and disorders and helps to predict, treat, and prevent them. The department of Internal Medicine has the goal to pioneer innovation in research, education, and care by bringing science to the patient. To achieve this objective, we aim to continually develop new (digital) technologies and innovations within the department in research, education, and care. The mission of the Genetic Laboratory of the Department of Internal Medicine is to understand the genetics of complex traits and diseases, to provide genomics services, to innovate in genomic technologies and applications, and to apply discoveries in clinical practice.

Within DECISION, the Genetic Laboratory will provide genomic services. Specifically, we will measure genome-wide methylation levels in a large number of patients in order to identify novel methylation biomarkers.