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Fundació Clínic per la Recerca Biomèdica

Villarroel 170
08036 Barcelona
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Team Leader

Prof. Dr. Joan Clària

Professor & Senior Clinical Consultant
Phone: +34 932 271 414
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Team Staff

Dr. Cristina López-Vicario

Phone: +34 932 275 400 (extension 4536)
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Dr. Esther Titos

Clinical Specialist
Phone: +34 932 275 400 (extension 1798)
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Dr. José Alcaraz-Quiles

Clinical Specialist
Phone: +34 932 275 764
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Institute Presentation

FCRB manages and promotes the research activities of Hospital Clínic. FCRB has a strong track record in participating in European projects and has a dedicated European Projects Office managing more than 31 projects in Horizon 2020. The “Inflammation in liver disease” research group is interested in the study of the molecular and cellular mechanisms of the inflammatory response in liver diseases, especially in the study of lipid mediators of inflammation. Within these, our group is a world leader in the study of pro-resolving lipid mediators, components produced endogenously by our own body, and capable of controlling unremitting inflammation.

In DECISION, our group will contribute with a high-throughput assessment of inflammatory mediators in plasma samples from 1400 patients with decompensated cirrhosis using two different approaches: (1) Assessment of inflammatory proteins and (2) Identification of small biologically active inflammatory/anti-inflammatory lipid mediators (see figure below).