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DECISION in a nutshell

Full project title:Decompensated cirrhosis: identification of new combinatorial therapies based on systems approaches
Start date:01 April 2020
Duration:66 months (5.5 years)
Members:21 institutions from 10 European countries
EC funding:6 million €
Scientific Coordinator:Prof. Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou (EF CLIF)
Project Manager:Dr. Ameli Schwalber (concentris)
Number of Work Packages:9
Project fact sheet by the EU:Project fact sheet

DECISION aims to achieve 4 different goals: (1) To gain a deeper systems level understanding of the pathophysiology leading to cirrhosis, decompensated cirrhosis, and ACLF while respecting individual differences in gender, genetics, and disease history, (2) to provide a proof of concept that novel combinatorial therapies based on systems biology approaches can decrease mortality and significantly improve the lives of patients suffering from cirrhosis, (3) to characterize pathological and therapeutic mechanisms in translational animal models (preclinical research), and (4) to develop robust prognostic and response tests in order to reliably identify patients that are at risk for progression of decompensated cirrhosis following standard treatment but will likely respond well to a novel combinatorial therapy.