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Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale

Equipe “Role of vessels in liver diseases”
16 rue Henri Huchard
75018, Paris
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Team Leader

Dr. Richard Moreau

Hepatology Consultant at Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris
Phone: +33 157 277 510
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Team Staff

Prof. Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou

Professor of Hepatology, Scientific Coordinator DECISION, Member of the EASL-CLIF Consortium Steering Committee
Phone: +33 140 875 283
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Marion Tanguy

Laboratory Manager
Phone: +33 157 277 731
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Cristina Arricibita

Research Assistant
Phone: +33 157 277 731
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Dr. Sophie Lotersztajn

Director of Research & Deputy Director Center for Research on Inflammation
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Dr. Jinghong Wan

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Institute Presentation

The team INSERM U1149 “Role of vessels in liver diseases” investigates the link between the vessels and liver diseases. We are interested in rare vascular liver diseases (Budd-Chiari syndrome, extrahepatic vein thrombosis, and portal-sinusoidal vascular disease), but also common liver diseases including nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and cirrhosis.

In DECISION, the team will determine the composition and concentrations of a panel of extracellular vesicle subpopulations (i.e. exosomes and microvesicles) in the plasma of 1,400 patients from the PREDICT and ACLARA cohorts (currently being done for 800 patients from CANONIC). The team will use a strategy based on filtration (that provides information on size) associated with antigen detection using immunoassays. Prof. Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou, leader of the team “Roles of vessels in liver disease”, is also the coordinator of DECISION.