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Navarrabiomed – Public Foundation Miguel Servet

C/Irunlarrea 3
31008 Pamplona, Navarra
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Team Leader

Dr. David Gómez Cabrero

Head of Translational Bioinformatics Unit
Phone: +34 848 428 233
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Team Staff

Dr. Nuria Planell Picola

Postdoctoral Researcher
Phone: +34 848 421 556
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Dr. Estefanía Huergo Iglesias

Postdoctoral Researcher
Phone: +34 848 42 15 56
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Dr. Julián López Librero

Methodology Platform Manager
Phone: +34 848 428 392
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Sara Palomino Echeverría

PhD Student
Phone: +34 848 428 540
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Andrea Ucar Vargas

Head of Communication
Phone: +34 848 422 201
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Daniel Villanueva Canabal

Internal Project Manager
Phone: +34 848 427 384
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Institute Presentation

Navarrabiomed is a biomedical research centre of the Government of Navarra, created in 2012. The mission of Navarrabiomed is to promote, facilitate, and perform cutting-edge biomedical research in order to develop innovative therapies and treatments that will contribute to citizen´s better quality of life. Since 2016, Navarrabiomed includes the participation of the Public University of Navarra. Through this agreement, both institutions join their efforts to improve the research of our health care system. At present, Navarrabiomed is organised in 20 interdisciplinary research units and six technological platforms, involving more than 120 scientists. In addition to this, Navarrabiomed facilitates the research activity undertaken by over 250 health professionals from other centres of the public sector.

Navarrabiomed leads WP3 and contributes to the following main tasks:

  • Multi-omic data integration: NBM-FMS will (1) quantify the coordination of the different omics; identification of biomarkers, adding knowledge from public resources.
  • Systems medicine: NBM-FMS will implement holistic approaches, to identify candidate disease mechanisms through the use of systems-based methodologies such as network medicine.
  • Predictive modelling: NBM-FMS will address the value of mechanisms identified in predictive modelling in collaboration with YouHealth AB.
    Navarrabiomed will also support data integration of WP1 and be involved in the experimental design of sample collection and analysis and in the supervision and review of pre-processing of each data-type.