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YH YouHealth AB

Fogdevreten 2
Karolinska Institutet Science Park AB
171 65 Solna

Team Leader

Prof. Dr. Jesper Tegner

Principal Investigator
Phone: +46 706 804 989
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Team Staff

Dr. Narsis Kiani

Senior Scientist
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Institute Presentation

YouHealth AB was established in Stockholm in 2008 as an RTD Company collecting extensive experience in Information, Communication Technologies (ICT), and expertise in biomedical information analysis and machine learning. The mission is to promote health and prevent disease by developing tools in the BioIT space enabling physicians, clinicians, biomedical researchers, and citizens to realize our mission. YouHealth represents world-class expertise in systems biology, network analysis, machine learning, and big data analytics. The company’s activities are focused on R&D development, consulting, and development of ICT systems-based solutions and analysis of big data. YouHealth is also innovating novel smart ICT based solutions to “empower the patient” by tools facilitating information gathering and decision tolls regarding your own health. Businesses are in consulting and software development. The tools developed by YH bridging the mathematical and the medical sciences combining fundamental science, theory, experiments, and data science research where the discovery of first principles and experimental validation occur in the same place. YH staff brings combined decades of experience in quantitative approaches to fundamental problems of living systems with application to the clinic and theory in both academic and commercial set up. YouHealth was a partner in two FP7 projects (Dopaminet, Grant agreement no 223744, 2009-2012; FRAILOMICS, Grant agreement no 305483, 2013-2018) and is currently involved in the H2020 MultipleMS project (2017-2021) and the H2020 DECISION project.

YouHealth, led by Dr. Jesper Tegnér (H-index 46, 14000 citations, and around 300 papers), leads the efforts of generating statistically robust predictive models allowing the identification of optimal candidate combinatorial therapies, prognostic test and test for response to combinatorial therapy in WP3 of the DECISION project. Those models will consider both clinical and -omic variables as predictors. Furthermore, YouHealth will be involved in the experimental design of sample collection and analysis and in the supervision and review of pre-processing of each data-type.