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Nordic Bioscience A/S

Liver Fibrosis Research
Herlev Hovedgade 205-207
2730 Herlev
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Team Leader

Prof. Dr. Morten Karsdal

CEO NordicBio
Phone: +45 445 252 52
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Team Staff

Dr. Diana Julie Leeming

Director of Fibrosis & Hepatology Researcher
Phone: +45 445 252 52
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Dr. Alejandro M. Guiliani

Senior Scientist
Phone: +45 4452 5252
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Dr. Letizia Satriano

Project Scientist
Phone: +45 4452 5225
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Institute Presentation

Nordic Bioscience is dedicated to preclinical and clinical drug development, which specializes in precision medicine using biomarkers, developed using Protein Fingerprint™ technology. A given target, protein, or metabolite, which is cleaved by a specific enzyme yields neo-epitopes that are targeted by specific monoclonal antibodies.

We will use this technology to design, develop, and validate biomarker assays that can be used as companion biomarker tools to identify the patients most likely to respond to treatment. In DECISION, we will design a prognostic test and a test for response to combinatorial therapy in WP4 to be used in WP5. Nordic Bioscience will also support the exploitation, valorization, and sustainability of new intellectual property (IP) in WP7.