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Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et Aux Énergies Alternatives

SPI, bat. 136
F-9191, Gif sur Yvette
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Team Leader

Dr. Christophe Junot

Department Head
Phone: +33 169 084 366
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Team Staff

Dr. Etienne Thevenot

Group Leader Bioinformatics
Phone: +33 169 087 923
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Dr. François Fenaille

Group Leader Metabolomics / Lipidomics
Phone: +33 169 087 954
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Dr. Florence Castelli

Research Scientist Metabolomics
Phone: +33 169 081 318
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Dr. Benoit Colsch

Research Scientist Lipidomics
Phone: +33 169 087 350
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Emeline Chu-Van

Technician Metabolomics / Lipidomics
Phone: +33 169 085 417
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Institute Presentation

The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) is a government-funded technological research organisation dedicated to connecting the worlds of research and industry. The CEA is active, on the one hand, in four major fields: energy, defense & global security, information technologies and health technologies, associated with fundamental research of excellence, and on the other, in the design and operation of very large research infrastructures. Through fundamental research in biology, physics, and chemistry, the Basic Research Division (DRF) strongly contributes to all of CEA research programmes in many fields of expertise, from renewable and nuclear energy to health, lasers, micro-, and nanotechnology. The Drugs and Technologies for Health Department, headed by Dr. Christophe Junot, is working on biomarker discovery using mass spectrometry-based metabolomics, lipidomic and glycomic technologies.

CEA will contribute as a partner in WP 1 (“Fostering the understanding of decompensated cirrhosis at a systems-level using high throughput technologies”) by performing metabolomic and lipidomic data acquisition and processing, and by contributing to statistical analyses, data integration and biological interpretation of such data.